>> 30 Jul 2004

Curtailing Extremism

I must confess I don't approve, in principle, of experiments on animals. That said, I also confess to not knowing enough about the intricacies of the situation to criticise the people who make their living from such practices. People who have watched loved ones deteriorating from cancer would, in all probability, approve of animal experiments if they knew any breakthroughs could cure their nearest and dearest. Thus, if experimentation is the means to a better end, then I'm prepared to give the scientists involved the benefit of the doubt.

In that regard I wholeheartedly approve of the Government's measure to crack down on the hooligans who have terrorised the employees of Huntingdon Life Sciences in Cambridgeshire. What talents do these morons possess, other than the ability to ask for their GIRO cheques to be paid out in £20 rather than £10 notes? Exposing employees who perform daily duties at HLS, not through any desire to wantonly hurt animals, but through a conviction that their work could, ultimately, save lives in the future, is a damn disgrace. Who are these 'animal rights activists', and for what 'rights' are they fighting??


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