>> 30 Jul 2004



Try this for insight from the wonderful Crush Kerry.


"His minions said Kerry had to "introduce himself" to America last night. Part of that is talking about your biography and accomplishments. So let's review how often he mentioned things he did in his life, and tell us what's missing:

Birth-1966: 6 mentions - Born in the "West Wing", a Cub Scout; Biking in East Berlin; Watching soldiers in Germany; seeing people live difft lives in the same cityhearing JFK's call to service


1966-1969 (Vietnam): 5 mentions - carrying an M-16; defended country as a young man; fighting with his "band of brothers; walking patrol in a dangerous place; writing letters home


1969-1976 (Anti War Activist): 0 mentions


1976-1979 (Prosecutor): 3 mentions: protected victims rights; saw kids abandoned; made prosecuting violence against women a priority


1983-1985 (Dukakis Lieut. Gov.): 0 mentions


1985-2004 (Senate): 3 mentions - put 100K cops on the street (a lie); working for a balanced budget (another lie); working with McCain on POW's.

Don't know about you all, but we think that's some selective memory."


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