>> 30 Jul 2004

Silly Jean Spin


Jean McBride (the only mother ever to have lost a son in the Troubles judging by her ridiculous hysteria) is deeply upset about a contract awarded by the US Government to the security firm managed by Lt Colonel Tim Spicer, to provide guard for US personnel stationed in Iraq.  This is all because Lt Colonel Spicer defended the actions of soldiers Mark Wright and James Fisher when they shot McBride's son, Peter, under intense conditions whilst manning a checkpoint in West Belfast twelve years ago. 


This blog is not principally about the defence of Fisher and Wright (though, for the record, I believe they never should have been convicted of murder).  They are simply two soldiers subjected to a hate campaign by Irish republicans because, having served prison sentences, Irish republicanism has decreed that their soldiering days must be blighted and tainted from here to eternity.  Need I add that Irish republicans - having supported, legitimised, voted and ensconced amoral terrorist third-raters, who killed far more people than Fisher and Wright ever did, without serving a fraction of the time in prison - are scarcely in a position to lecture the morality of anyone else!!

So, having demonised these two soldiers, the proponents of nationalism now seek to have Spicer's company blacklisted because he merely offered support to the soldiers' campaign.  What next?  Will the hysterical McBride clan go on to demand the closure of Hettie Wainwright's flower shop in Rawtenstall, because she is Lt Colonel Spicer's aunt three times removed?


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