>> 31 Aug 2004


Wobbles. That's how "The Scotsman" writer George Kerevan characterises the murder of 185 people during the IRA "cease-fire." I waded through the utter bilge in this article and concluded that it may indeed be possible to fool some of the people all of the time. Kerevan makes some claims that require clarification;-

"The last ten years have seen a transformation for the good" - Really?

Well, good for terrorist scum, good for pondlife parasitic criminals, good for fat- cat politicians, good for appeasement friendly journalists, good for cash-in convicts. Not so good for redundant gallant RUC officers, redundant Prison officers, those poor souls who suffer from paramilitary "justice" by having their limbs blown off, business men forced to pay up to keep the IRA, UVF and UDA in the style to which they have become accustomed.

Kerevan think explains that "Sinn Fein members sit on the IRA Army Council" Really? Then, if he's right, these loathsome creatures are terrorists and should be arrested and jailed, if not executed.

Finally, he wonders - using the language of the IRA - if the DUP can move from being "rejectionists" to deal deliverers. He speculates that the final sign that NI will have reached "normality" is when former IRA killers and former RUC men, patrol together in the shiny new PSNI. Unbelievable.


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