>> 31 Aug 2004

Entente Cordiale vs Cordon Sanitaire

Surprisingly little attention has been paid by much of our televisual media to the plight of two French journalists captured in Iraq and threatened with execution should the French Government refuse to revoke a law banning the wearing of conspicuous religious accoutrements in state schools. One BBC correspondent on this morning's Breakfast programme said 'these actions against French citizens is something the country thought it would never see.'

In that sentence there lies the fundamental rebuttal to all anti-war protestors in France and beyond, for they argued that France's refusal to enter the war of liberation in Iraq coupled with a rigorous pro-Islamic foreign policy (especially where the Middle East is concerned), would immunise France from the onslaught of radical Islamic terror apparently unleashed by the Allied action against Saddam and his cronies.

Wake up and smell the coffee you snail-eating surrender monkeys! Did you honestly believe you could escape the ramifications of terrorism on the rampage because your government took the cowards way out over Iraq? The removal of Saddam was a crucial step in the war on international terror and genocidal despotism - be it Islamic or otherwise. We now know terrorists and insurgents were active in Iraq long before Saddam's demise, with their lust for murder and Islamic supremacy dovetailing nicely with Saddam Hussain's brutalising ambitions against the Iraqi people. If anything, the kidnap of these two unfortunate men should convince Chirac and Co. to be proactive in Iraq, not crowing from the sidelines. A new wave of Muslim radicals will take action against the citizens of any country perceived in their warped minds to be oppressive to the unfettered progeny of Islam - domestically or internationally. The fact that so many of them were based in Iraq with Saddam's discreet complicity, and are now threatening the decision-making processes of Western democracies, is all the more reason to wipe them out with commitment and force.


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