>> 31 Aug 2004

Hillary Hogwash!

Hillary Clinton has just visited Northern Ireland (for any of you who slept through it all). Senator Clinton gave the 'Tip O'Neil' peace lecture at Ulster University's Magee Campus in Londonderry. In typical Clinton style the lecture was long on Smaltz, short on appropriate condemnation. I have provided a link to the Independent's article, which gives an expurgated account of this latest example of US interference in British domestic affairs.

First off, dear Hillary recalls how she saw the 'hope on people's faces' after her first visit to Belfast in 1995. Lest we forget that during that same visit, members of the IRA were gathering in one of South Armagh's many cesspits to plan the outrage at Canary Wharf; an attack which took the lives of two innocent bystanders. Why was there no mention of that during her speech? Mind you, we are talking about a woman who stupidly insisted on standing by her salacious, lying husband despite his numerous extra-marital affairs. That in itself speaks volumes!!

Secondly, Hillary opines on the 'success' of the peace process, claiming that Northern Ireland holds out a beacon of hope in the quest for global stability. Really? And there's me thinking that every terrorist group throughout the world was now totally aware of the piecemeal attitude of the United States towards certain groups! In the eyes of some in the US today it is the Orwellian view of 'Irish terrorist good, every other terrorist bad'.

Finally, Hillary laments the passing of an opportunity to restore devolved government. Isn't it strange how so many people in Northern Ireland couldn't give a monkey's toss for the return of Stormont. Need I add it's probably because they, unlike Hillary and Bill, have actually ingested the 'gall' of devolution and have no desire for a repeat session.


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