>> 29 Aug 2004


Let me be clear - I am a BIG fan of the music made by the man in black - Johnny Cash. So I was entertained to read that a tribute to the great man at the Republican convention, which meets with the approval of his family, has got the liberals all in a tizzy.

Tennessee Republican Party chairwoman Beth Harwell said it was "a way for us to honour a great Tennessean". "A lot of the Tennessee delegates love Johnny Cash's music," she said. It will also honour Senator Lamar Alexander, who was a friend of Cash and his late wife June Carter Cash.

Liberals should stop whinging, put on their Barbra Streisand CD's and give us a break.

(Whilst on the subject of Johnny Cash, let me also say how sorry I am to here of the current troubles of his daughter, Carlene. I have always loved her music and have had the pleasure of seeing her perform in concert several times. She seems to be caught up in a serious drugs problem and I really hope things work out.)


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