>> 30 Aug 2004

McCartney Magic!

It's always good to see an article from Bob McCartney in a newspaper. The powers-that-be have done more to silence this politician than any other observer of the 'peace process.' The degree to which prejudice takes place in the media is best illustrated by the degree of access to terrestrial television enjoyed by Bob McCartney in comparison to David Ervine. After all the, the UKUP and PUP have had similar percentages of votes over the last few years. However, in contemporary Northern Ireland, it is deemed wiser to give greater amounts of airtime to a balding UVF terrorist with a monopoly on verbosity than it is to someone who has presciently highlighted every repugnant machination involving HM Government and Sinn Fein/IRA.

Of all the Unionist parties in the Assembly, the UKUP was the only one which would not entertain terrorism in any shape or form. That principled stance persuaded me to leave the DUP in 1997 and join the UKUP. Although no longer a member, I enjoy cordial relations with all the party's main players. Once could never imagine the UKUP entertaining armed terrorists in government, which is why McCartney is so often silenced by a media sect in thrall to government propaganda about the so-called 'benefits' of an armed and false peace.

The only part of the submission I have my doubts about is the timing of the DUP entry into an executive involving Sinn Fein/IRA. That said, McCartney's prediction about the IRA pocketing concessions from democrats and thence rubbing their noses in the dirt is spot on. How many times have we seen the representatives of three democratically elected governments prostrating themselves in front of Sinn Fein, only to see the most nugatory of reciprocated moves from an illegal militia?


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