>> 30 Aug 2004


The naked ugliness and depravity of the so-called Northern Ireland "peace process" is manifest in this story. An IRA terrorist now provides tourists with a running commentary on a "terror tour" bustrip around Belfast. The person concerned, Jim McVeigh, was the last IRA commander in the now closed Maze prison (Here in Northern Ireland we close prisons, by the way..it's sooo civilised, don't you think?)

McVeigh was jailed for 31 years in 1992 for conspiring to murder soldiers. McVeigh, the Provisional IRA's Maze commanding officer, on being releases said that his men left "unbowed and unbroken". Now he gets to peddle his murderous propaganda with the blessing of the authorities. Still, as the article puts it, "he gets to tell his truth" about what happened. His victims are unable to.


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