>> 23 Sep 2004


Last Saturday, Andrew and I invited readers to ask us questions that they would like a straight answer to. Here are my answers to those directed my way - Andrew will follow in due course.

1. Young Ireland asked what was my view of the rise of English nationalism?

A good question. It disturbs me but I can understand why it is on the increase - as the people of England are treated as second class citizens in their own land. A nationalistic reaction is predictable. Labour's relentless social engineering has caused great damage to the ancient infra-structure of English society and a combination of economic and social factors are feeding an ever more prominent English nationalist voice. I also despise the BNP and those who bring shame on England like their brain-dead football thugs. I admire the English people and their massive contribution to global society and do not see why they should stand idly by whilst a self-loathing socialist Government sells out England by the pound, or Euro. English patriotism is something that I can understand and largely sympathise with. They are a generous people.

2. Caoimhn asked how does one effectively stop the illegal activities of:PIRA, RIRA, CIRA, UDA (UFF,RHC), UVF, LVF, RHD, and all the others?

Alas he then goes on to say that "killing them" - my preferred route - is not a straight answer as it would not be legal. Rubbish. Killing terrorists is a VERY good idea, though one that weeny liberals resile from, bless their hearts.

My other routes would include:

1. Arresting all those suspected of membership of such illegal groups and interrorgating them as necessary. Maybe the Maze could become useful after all, again.

2. Outlawing all organisations that are fronts for terrorism - and yes, that DOES mean Sinn Fein, the PUP, the UPRG and their ilk.

3. Take all financing away from paramilitary-linked organisations, social groups etc.

4. Make sure any devolved Government cannot contain those linked with paramilitarism.

3. Colm asked would I ever endorse a United Ireland.

The answer, in short, is No. However if the people of NI democratically vote for it - I would recognise that as being a reality. I would feel no sense of loyalty to such a State, I would actively write against it. The British people of NI have no reason to EVER enter a United Ireland. It's that simple and that stark.

4. Friend of Israel asked if I felt that the removal of the Gaza settlers would be helpful to PM Sharon protecting Greater Israel.

Good question and my answer is YES and NO! Now, hear me out! YES it would ensure that military operations could be more focused and less strung out but NO because it is betraying those people who PM Sharon actually encouraged in the first place, it is rewarding evil Palestinian terrorists, and it sets the wrong precedent. It's a tough call but on balance, I'm with the settlers. Plus, I also don't think that they are "settlers."

Thanks for the questions folks, I hope I have answered as honestly as possible and am sorry I couldn't answer every point but there is only so much time available to me


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