>> 23 Sep 2004


Having watched two associates beheaded by ungodly Jihadists, the pleading of Ken Bigley for his life is understandable. Who would wish to be in his place or that of his poor family? My heart goes out to them for the awful situation in which they find themselves BUT there is no negotiating with terrorists. Tony Blair should remain resolute, and NOT give in to the pressure being exerted on him via the gutless spiteful British media.

Anyone who listened to the BBC coverage of this story this morning will know what I mean -it was more or less saying that if the Jihadists kill Mr. Bigley it will be down to Tony Blair (oh, and George Bush) Rubbish - let's nail this moral equivocation. Ig Bigley is murdered in the way that two poor US citizens already have been (to the seeming indifference of the UK media, by the way) then ALL the blame lies with Al-Zarqawi and his terrorist friends.

It is truly shocking to see the UK media play the role of useful fools for the Jihadists and here in the blogosphere we must stand up and expose their hypocrisy. I often wonder how the UK could have prosecuted WW2 had the media been as powerful then and as morally rotten as it is now. Throughout history, villains of all sorts have figured that public opinion is a powerful tool to be manipulated. When that tool becomes a virtual accomplice in evil- it's time to say enough. I hope Mr. Bigley survives and gets back to his family. If he doesn't - it will be further proof of the need to bring the Jihadi to justice - no ifs or buts.


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