>> 17 Sep 2004

Bad Moon Rising?

It is not very well known that Creedence Clearwater Revival penned their biggest selling hit song (blog title) as a metaphor for Richard Nixon's 1968 election victory. I prefer to use it in the context of the disturbing news from Auntie Beeb of ongoing talks stretching into the night taking place at Leeds Castle.

I've stated in the past that I'm an insomniac. Thus, three to four hours sleep per night does not impair my ability to function during the day. I don't think the same can be said for the polticians ensconced in the rooms of a castle in deepest Kent. I refer not, need it be said, to the Devil's hellspawn in the shape of Gerry Adams and his entourage of serial murderers: anyone who can give the orders for acts of degradation such as Bloody Friday is not going to be adversely affected by sleep deprivation. However, for the human contingent present, the prospect of being virtually incarcerated in a room until the will to resist sharing power with unrepentant hatchet-men has been eradicated, is not something which will give them a sense of pleasure.


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