>> 17 Sep 2004

Judge Jude

I have frequently expressed my annoyance at the apparent inability of Irish nationalists to distinguish between lawful and unlawful force. I feel deep down they know exactly what sort of low-calibre blots of humanity a majority of them choose to vote for but, by creating a smokescreen of false moral equivalence between legal protagonists and terrorists in the field, they can expunge their consciences of guilt when rallying to the apologists of the latter. For nationalist Ireland, the locus standi of combat must apply across the board. How sick!!

Jude Collins epitomises this disgraceful trait. He lambasts Tony Blair over his attempts to liberate a country from tyranny whilst preaching the necessity of peaceful methods on United Kingdom soil. For people like Collins, the retaliatory bombings of German cities during WW2 are just as bad as the occurrences at Auschwitz and Belsen. It is a classic idiosyncrasy of the loony Left (and Irish republicanism) that some sort of comparison can always be drawn between differing acts of combat, even though the genesis and aim of combat is entirely different for the opposing sides. This is how the continued existence of the IRA murder machine is excused, feted and justified - latently or subliminally - by the non compos mentis who constitute the great bulk of Irish republican evangelism.

Collins then criticises Mark Lawson of Newsnight fame for describing Patrick Magee as a 'psychopath' whilst omitting to use the same label for legally-deployed British and American troops in Iraq. Again it might have something to do with the fact that the ultimate aim of both countries is a stable and democratic polity in the Middle East: for Magee, the objective was cold, calculated, indiscriminate slaughter. Collins states 'those British and American men are engaged in killings far less targeted and far more bloody than any carried out by Pat Magee.' Thus, in Collins' evidently unsound mind, Magee must have been saying to himself on that cold October night in 1984: 'Now, I don't want my precious bomb to kill or maim waitresses, bell-boys, kitchen staff and chambermaids. I must be careful only to annihilate Conservative MP's or I'll never face the priest at my next confession.' Who is Collins trying to kid!!!!?


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