>> 13 Sep 2004

Batman at Buck House

At first glance the story is highly amusing. Fathers for Justice campaigner, Jason Hatch, today managed to scale the perimeter fence at Buckingham Palace dressed as the Caped Crusader. I don't know if I would entrust the welfare of a child to a meshuggeneh who has the frame of mind to dress in a stupid costume in order to highlight his cause, but I might return to that issue in a future thread.

Britain, as we know, is a prime target for Islamic terrorism. It has already had it's fair share of terrorist brutalisation due to the activities of the IRA. That said, we appear to have learnt nothing about tight security for our most prestigious public figures. On this occasion, HM the Queen was not present at Buckingham Palace so her life was not placed in any kind of danger. What if she had been present? What if the 'harmless' man dressed in the Batman costume had been a terrorist in disguise? An appalling lack of competence amongst the Queen's guardsmen is to blame for this charade. Thus, it is fitting that someone should face grave consequences for his laissez faire attitude to the role he is handsomely rewarded for.


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