>> 13 Sep 2004

The Finucane Saga!!

Gerry Adams has reiterated his request for a full-scale investigation into the murder of 'Belfast solicitor', Pat Finucane in 1989. Some will fail to grasp why the killing of this man plays such a central theme in the expanding Sinn Fein theatre of perpetual grievance; the rest of us know exactly why the Bearded Wonder and his motley crew of cut-throat thugs take Finucane's slaying so personally. After all, it's not as if Sinn Fein members or voters have serious misgivings about the taking of human life. The IRA was responsible for over 60% of all death throughout the Troubles and not once did Adams, McGuinness, Kelly, or the rest of the sewer rats offer any sort of apology or repentance. I have yet to hear an apology given to the sons and daughters of Jean McConville, for example.

Finucane was an altogether different kettle of fish from innocent victims of the slaughter. His brothers were active in the IRA; his son still attends republican political orgies in South Armagh and other republican septic tanks; Finucane regularly - and with glee - defended the very worst elements of Ulster society. Yet, notwithstanding the explicit involvement of his family in the IRA, and the word of IRA informer, Sean O'Callaghan, that Finucane was indeed a central figure in the Provisional establishment, we are expected to believe Pat Finucane was just an everyday, run-of-the-mill solicitor who defended IRA terrorists because of a passionate, conscientious conceptualisation of justice. Rubbish and poppycock!!

In all of this boring, seemingly endless saga I am not, of course, defending the actions of Ken Barrett. Barrett was also of a terrorist fraternity (albeit with opposing objectives) and we cannot have a situation where members of one illegal terrorist group are gunning down members of other illegal terrorist groups. It's just a pity that the legitimate forces of the State are precluded from acting in such a way where terrorists are concerned!


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