>> 17 Sep 2004


This site, Biased BBC, is always worth a visit. I really enjoyed this take:-

"Growing up gay in Jamaica is a featured article in BBC News Online's Magazine section, concerning the disturbing oppression of gay people in Jamaica"

Taking this as inspiration for a new BBC News Online Magazine 'Growing up in' series, here are some suggestions for future instalments"

Growing up female in Iran - exposing the feudal oppression of girls and women, including cases like that of Atefeh Rajabi;

Growing up agnostic in Saudi Arabia - the problems faced by Saudi youngsters as they explore issues of faith;

Growing up unmutilated in Africa - investigating the problems and consequences of female genital mutilation common in some African societies;

Growing up malnourished in North Korea - a review of the widespread malnourishment and lack of basic necessities facing most North Koreans.


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