>> 16 Sep 2004


I find the Belfast Telegraph, Northern Ireland's evening newspaper to be a pro-Government pro-Belfast Agreement sycophantic rag. It's a major bore but I sometimes check it out on the off-chance that it has had the good sense to print a letter from my colleague Andrew! This is one of the few bright moments in an otherwise dismal paper. I made the fatal mistake of reading the "Editorial" in the BT this evening and I can say it was truly wretched. Even by Telegraph subterranean standards.

In this grovelling brown-nose opinion doodle, we read how very wise Chris Patten was and how very important the opinions of former Priest Denis Bradley are. I take issue with just about everything Bradley says, as should any informed unionist. He is a constant reminder of why the Policing Board is a farce. Quite why the BT puts some import on his ramblings strikes me as peculiar but who cares?

My conclusion is that the author of this garbage is a pro-Agreement lickspittle who could not be unionist in outlook. So no surprise there then! The inability of the Belfast Telegraph to offer platforms to those who represent the broad unionist family is despicable but in the news manipulated world of NI politics, not very surprising.


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