>> 20 Sep 2004


What a result. Thanks to the blogosphere, CBS has been exposed as having misled viewers over George W Bush's Air National Guard record. Poor old Dan Rather NOW whinges he was duped. Wrong - CBS and the rest of the liberal media are struggling to come to terms that thanks to this internet, and the dedication of several bloggers, their stream of liberal biased duping can be torn apart.

Why hasn't Dan resigned - after all, he misled the nation?


  • In other news, the Beatles have broken up. Inside sources tell CBS News the Fab Four mop tops have come to the end of their long and winding road because of tensions within the band caused by one of the band members reportedly becoming involved with "a Japanese woman". CBS News is keeping a close eye on this story.
  • CBS News can now confirm that the Earth revolves around the sun, as opposed to the other way around. This reporter personally stared directly into the sun for several hours to confirm this story.
  • cocaOCA Cola announced today a refreshing new twist on an old favorite. CBS News can now report exclusively that the beverage is called "New Coke" and sources tell CBS News it's refreshing and....

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