>> 20 Sep 2004


One of the delights of watching last weeks "Let's Talk" on BBC1 was hearing Ulster Unionist David McNarry insist on THREE occasions that a devolved Stormont meant a Sinn Fein member could be Minister for Justice. "It has to" he said, to the general astonishment of Mark Carruthers and the audience! The DUP picked up on this and Iris Robinson had a go at the blessed David - I see he has been stung and that this morning's Newsletter carries his response. (Sorry, no link available)

I know from personal experience that when on TV or Radio it is very easy to accidentally say something that you don't mean. Goodness knows I sometimes even write things I don't mean to - though sharp eyed readers inevitably pick me up! (You pedants...) However a little humour and a generous amount of modesty usually saves the day. McNarry seems oblivious to this and one has to wonder if he is the BEST that the UUP can put forward? Who do YOU think is the worst Ulster Unionist media performer? My top three in the execrable stakes would be;

1. Roy Beggs.

2. David McNarry

3. Sam Foster


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