>> 19 Sep 2004


I laughed when I heard that Charles Kennedy, Leader of the Liberal-Democrats, has called upon Tony Blair to "apologise" for the UK going to war against Saddam Hussein's Iraq. Now if ever I heard a liberal playing to a sympathetic media gallery, this was it. I have previously explained my loathing of the Liberal-Democrat Party and their extreme leftism which is why even I was surprised when the BBC started their coverage of the Lib-Dem conference by wondering if Charles and his pals should move a little RIGHWARDS to capture the Tory vote!!!

Of course it is worth reminding ourselves that in the British media world, the political fantasy is that the Lib-Dem's become the main opposition to the Labour Party with the Conservatives routed to being a third rate third-party of British politics. (Sadly, they are already half way there, at the moment) In this ideal world, British politics is dragged ever-leftwards as the ratchet mechanism works between Labout (Left) and Lib-Dems (Extreme Left) Dream on, lefties, the British people have more common sense that the dreary elite who are pushing Charlie and his boys as the darlings of the British public.


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