>> 20 Sep 2004

Chin-wagging: Part II

After the unsuccessful conclusion to talks at Leeds Castle, Secretary of State, Paul Murphy (and another interfering Irish lap-dog - Tom Kitt, I believe) will ensconce themselves at Stormont in preparation for another round of discussions designed to revive the unsightly vision of Irish separatists in power.

In the eyes of nationalist Ireland, the issue of 'accountability' must not be resurrected. Still, and at the same time, the reasons they conjure up for refusing to accede to requests on accountability are totally fallacious. Nationalists are well aware of the preventative mechanisms in place to stymie outright rule by majoritarianism, yet persist in their analysis of 'majority rule by the back door.' I will tell you exactly why nationalists are vehemently opposed to accountable government: it has sod all to do with the spectre of majority control. They (nationalists) are opposed to Assembly input into their prospective ministerial fiefdoms because they know that total control gives them the power to surreptitiously harmonise their particular department with its counterpart in the Irish Republic. Ergo, partial Assembly control - with its pro-Union majority - would prevent cross-border issues becoming anything other than mutually beneficial programmes of governance.

Unionists are now opposed to the existing framework of the Belfast Agreement. I, and many others, would prefer it if HM Government simply continued with Direct Rule. However, Irish nationalism must realise that if its precious Assembly stands any chance of revival, it must bend on the demands outlined by the DUP and UKUP. Otherwise, the whole caboodle comes crashing to the ground. It's their choice.


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