>> 20 Sep 2004


It was as barbarous as it was predictable.

The Jihadi scum that infest Iraq managed to capture three contractors working in the Baghdad area, two Americans and one Brit, and they have beheaded one of those poor Americans, Eugene Armstrong. It is believed that Bin Laden's representative on Earth, Al-Zarqawi, carried out the decapitation.

How to respond?

Anger - I would like to see the US take ten prisoners from Camp X-ray at Guantanamo Bay and execute them each time Zarqawi and his pals kill ANY hostages.

Grief - for the poor man concerned and his family. What a way to watch your loved one die.

Resolution - we should make it clear that we will remain in Iraq until stability is restored and scum like Al Zarqawi hunted down like animals and killed.

Someone should tell Kerry and the rest of the whining "anti-war" crowd that their bleatings encourage this kind of atrocity. It's time to get tough.


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