>> 21 Sep 2004


It couldn't be flagged up any more clearly - today WILL see the craven Government announcing that it will set up an independent enquiry into the death of Belfast lawyer Pat Finucane.

Andrew has covered this topic quite sufficiently on other posts but all I will add is that it sickens me to see our sovereign Government grovel to republicans and facilitate their nauseating hierarchy of victims. Finucane was murdered and that is wrong. But so where thousands of others - and these are the forgotten people whose murders, PSNI Chief Constable Hugh Orde informs us, will never be solved. So, "justice" for Finucane and his family is one thing but for thousands of victims of IRA terrorism - it is something very differenrt and this is iniquitous.

The issue is all about political will. It has been the aim of the Republican movement to ensure thatnFinucane, like Rosemary Nelson, becomes a martyred figure. Presented to the world at large as "human rights " champions, both these individuals spend their time defending alleged IRA terrorists. How noble.


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