>> 21 Sep 2004


Jacques Chirac, that posturing buffoon, has taken it upon himself to accuse Washington of obstructing a worldwide campaign to eradicate poverty. This outrageous slur came at the annual United Nations General Assembly meeting.

Now, to give any credence to Jacques is to miss the point. He has none. But maybe, and this is just a thought, given the deaths of ten thousand elderly French people last summer, Chirac would do better to address his own nation's problems.

"Bernard Mazeyrie, managing director of France's largest undertakers, told the New York Times last year that several of the bereaved were in no hurry to bury their aged loved ones: "Some, he said, informed of the death of relatives, postponed funerals, not to interrupt the August 15 holiday weekend, and left the bodies in the refrigerated hall." Au bord de la mer? Ou au bord de ma mère? Hmm. Tough call." Mark Steyn deals with it here.

Poor old Chirac must have forgotten that the US contributes TWICE as much money as the next largest donor to help fight poverty.


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