>> 25 Sep 2004


Well,well. It seems that more than 100 protesters have gathered outside Welsh Secretary Peter Hain's house in South Wales this morning. They are barricading the cottage in Resolven near Neath in protest against the Government's ban on hunting. I'm sure the freedom-loving Hain (Hmmph...)will understand that these are the things that happen to politicians when they engage in the removal of other people's liberty.

And as for the "Let's beat up on the fox-hunters because they're all toff's anyway" specious argument employed by the class-war advocates of the left, I think this rather points a different picture...

John O'Shea, a retired factory worker from Merthyr, said he got up at 4am this morning to join other demonstrators who gathered here around 6am. He said: "The media projects an image of a gentleman in a red coat sitting on top of a white horse drinking from his stirrup cup but this is not the case. It is the working-class who are hunting."


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