>> 25 Sep 2004

Super Mac!

How I love to read Lindy McDowell's column in the Belfast Telegraph. She remains about the only regular commentator there with analytical integrity still intact. As always, her latest article was a straight-spoken, honest appraisal of where Ulster now lies after 76 months of unremitting concessions to Sinn Fein/IRA. Of all the passages in her considered etude of peace process appeasement, the most startling passages came with references to the Finucane case.

McDowell believes an enquiry is necessary: I disagree. However, this is where our divergence of opinion ends. McDowell is firmly of the opinion that the promised investigation is just another sop to a rapacious republican murder machine, desperately trying to revise history to justify its heinous existence.

In the twisted brains of nationalist Ireland, it does not matter whether collusion was a fact or not. All Sinn Fein has to do is to continue brainwashing the human garbage who give the party support at every twist and turn with the 'illusion of collusion.' Ergo, if the enquiry does not yield a conclusion which dovetails with exemplars of nationalist MOPEry, it will be dismissed and ridiculed.

An analogous situation exists with the wasteful Bloody Sunday enquiry. Lord Saville is due to report in the New Year. If nationalists think he is going to publish a report portraying the illegal assembly as entirely blameless in the equation, they are sorely mistaken. Summarily, nationalists chose to break the law and march in an area saturated with Provo hitmen. That historicity, coupled with the general security situation in the Province at the time, will to some extent excuse the collective actions of the Army on the Sunday in question. Once the Saville investigation is completed, nationalist Ireland will turn around, claim it is a whitewash, and go on marching in in a synchronized assembly of laughable pathos every January to ensure the wounds are kept fresh.

I'm certainly not implying that the people who marched in Londonderry in January '72 deserved to be shot, wounded or killed - far from it. I am merely indicating the due process of cause and effect in a scenario littered with dangerous caveats. As for Pat, the 'Human Rights solicitor', the sooner the rest of society are spared the tiresome histrionics of the Finucane clan, the better we'll all feel.


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