>> 10 Sep 2004

It's All Happening!

Auntie Beeb reports on the plans made by Tony Blair and Bertie Ahern to formulate some sort of agenda for the talks next week designed to resurrect power sharing with Brownshirt terrorists. Ahern is flying to Phony Tony's Sedgefield constituency (there never seems to any problems in his own country which preclude Ahern sticking his nosy republican beak into British internal affairs) to decide strategy for discussions pencilled in for Leeds Castle next week.

If past events are anything to go by the agenda will be relatively straightforward: convince constitutional politicians to contemplate re-entering a Stormont administration on the basis of amorphous promises of IRA decommissioning made by Sinn Fein filthbags. In the absence of Unionist acquiescence, make vague threats about the possibility of imposing a deal less amenable to pro-Union sensitivities. Indeed, 'Butcher Boy' McGuinness has already said that refusal to conclude a deal by the DUP will mean that 'the alternative could be worse.'

Making threats against the pro-Union people has merely replaced the previous republican strategy of blowing people to bits. However, it classically illustrates the extent to which Sinn Fein are dependent on the retention of IRA arsenal to threaten democracy if political progress is not made to their satisfaction. It is for this reason Sinn Fein will never agree to completely decommission and disband the IRA. They much prefer electoral growth in tandem with a fully-armed terrorist wing. My hope for the talks is complete breakdown and the exclusion of Irish nationalism from any say over the governance of Northern Ireland. The fact that such a desirable outcome can only occur with the concomitant absence of local Unionists in power is a small price to pay.


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