>> 25 Sep 2004


I like to read Liam Clarke in the Sunday Times and find his analysis entertaining in it's total failure to understand the majority anti-Agreement unionist position. Today's article is no different and in it we learn that the IRA will be going away very shortly (Really?) and that the DUP needs to engage with the IRA's proxies in Sinn Fein as soon as is possible. Liam excels even his fantastical standards by suggesting that DUP MEP Jim Allister considered a coalition with Sinn Fein at the Euro-election - a case of wishful thinking and pro-Agreement propaganda too far, I think. The probelm for pro-Agreement journo-lickspittles is that they endly rehash the sort of failed thinking that is stuck in 1997 and failed to keep up with the moves in Unionist thinking. The Belfast Agreement has FAILED, the IRA MUST disarm and disband, and the days of pushover Unionism being ascendant are over.


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