>> 12 Sep 2004


Lindy McDowell exposes the hollow sham of the Northern Ireland "peace". She explains that one local commentator, reflecting on ten glorious years of IRA "Cessation" explained....

"Just 173 people died in the decade following the ceasefire, compared to 870 killed in the previous 10 years."

Just 173 people, eh? And for this we must show gratitude - otherwise we will find ourselves labelled anti-peace by the cheerleaders for the process who'd like to convince us that in the New Northern Ireland, everything is peachy.

Never mind thousands being mutilated and maimed in paramilitary attacks.

Never mind people being driven from their homes; in some instances whole areas being ethnically cleansed.

Never mind the shameful segregation that in ten years has seen the poor on both sides driven into their respective ghettos.

Never mind the intimidation. The corruption. The extortion.

Above all, never mind that in the United Kingdom of the 21st century, large areas are being run by gangster-paramilitary outfits who leech off their communities in order to line their own pockets.

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