>> 15 Sep 2004


Here are the Channel 4 News Headlines at 7pm...

"Following a tiny protest outside the Commons, attended by around a few dozen extremists, pro-Hunt terrorists breached the House of Commons security. We ask; Hanging - wouldn't it be too good for these toffs?"

Here are the BBC News headlines...

"Pro Hunt activitists caused chaos in the Commons when a small group of manic men, probably acting with inside help (*just WHERE was Michael Howard?) ran into the Commons chamber and could have killed everyone in it. We ask; Isn't it time that this reckless demonstration by the Countryside Alliance was called off - if only for the sake of the children?

Here are the FOX (geddit?)News headines....

"Pro Hunt demonstrators showed that Middle England is not as spineless as the useless Conservative Party. Those about to have the liberty to hunt denied them by the class-obsessed self loathing leftists in the Labour Party made it clear that England has still some life in it. We ask; Shouldn't a compromise be reached in which hunting foxes is banned and their place is taken by Labour MP's?


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