>> 15 Sep 2004

The Thrill of the Hunt

Sneaking congratulations go to the individuals responsible for the suspension of Parliament today as prejudiced, class-ridden Labour MP's gathered to debate the ending of a practice successfully used on British soil since time immemorial. I am referring to the debate on banning fox hunting, about to pass through the Commons for what could be the last time.

On Sunday I attempted to speak on a debate on Talk Radio heavily biased in favour of a ban (whatever happened to impartial broadcasting!). When I attempted to make a comparison between killing foxes and slaughtering animals using the halal method, I was informed by the presenter that I was simply 'muddying the issue' and was cut off promptly. Heaven forbid we offend Muslims in New Labour's Cool Britannia.

If the Commons votes to end foxhunting it will be the most demonstrable example of politics based on class-warfare since, arguably, Victorian times. Parliament has a duty to defend the rights and interests of all its citizens; not to act as a plaything to catalyse the petty prejudices of the ruling party. The protests today was merely an exercise in reminding MP's of that basic truth.


Can I just add my congratulations to those concerned as well. This story is amazing..more later...


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