>> 22 Sep 2004


I don't mean to be mean - but when I read this from Mark Durkan, leader of the incredible shrinking SDLP, I felt senses political desperation combined with a air of detachment from reality. So Mark thinks the intrepid SDLP will "stand alone, if necessary" to defend the "Good Friday Agreement."

Poor Mark - timewarped in 1998 and unable to move on, or distance his Party from Sinn Fein for fear of losing whatever vestigial support is left for his mob.

The loss of the SDLP saddens me, as I have frequently stated, but on this sad performance, the SDLP are doomed to go ever backwards. They need to find new life - I suggest they join up with the UUP and form a middle-ground party - a sort of Alliance with "A" levels. (Not that "A" levels are worth that much anymore) What do you think?


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