>> 22 Sep 2004


Here is a fascinating interview with Bat Ye'Or, the world's foremost authority on dhimmitude.

She outlines the sad prospects for Europe's future; "France and the rest of Western Europe cannot change their policy anymore. Their future is Eurabia. Period. I don't see how they can reverse the movement they set in motion thirty years ago. Nor do Eurabians want to modify this policy. It is a project that was conceived, planned and pursued consistently through immigration policy, propaganda, church support, economic associations and aid, cultural, media and academic collaboration"

I agree with what she say, one only has to observe the pathetic dhimmi-servility of the European Union, its hatred of Israel and it's love for Arafat, its hatred of the US and it's respect for the Jihadi (Spain, anyone?), to appreciate Bat's point.


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