>> 27 Sep 2004


Collin May has an excellent analysis of new Spanish PM Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's blathering at the UN here at Eursoc. He makes a number of shrewd points summed up when he states;

" To sum up his little fringe havering, Zapatero made the comment that it takes more determination and heroism to create peace than make war. This was obviously a defense of his policy to withdraw Spanish troops from Iraq after his election win. Well, you’ve certainly got to admire the man’s ability to delude himself, and to believe that cowardice, appeasement and hypocritical calls for dialogue are signs of courage. It appears Europe has found Prodi’s true ideological successor. Thanks for the freak show Spain."

I fully endorse this point of view - those Spanish that voted for this craven little appeaser are merely exhibing the Dhimmitude required of them by their new Al Qu'eda masters. A nation of fools. Time to make amends for the tragedy of Andalusia, Jose?


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