>> 27 Sep 2004


Melanie Phillips tackles the issue that's been bothering me since the kidnappers struck last week...

"...but there's something else that's just as troubling. The Iraqi butchers are only taking these hostages and murdering them in this disgusting snuff-video style because the media -- of which I am a part -- are behaving exactly as required and putting these pictures on our screens and front pages. If the media did not do this, it would stop. I think therefore that we in the media have to examine our consciences and say we have a responsibility here beyond informing the public. We should not be giving these pictures this treatment; we should find ways of reporting the bare facts of what is going on without turning ourselves into accomplices to murder. Because that's what it is. "

Read what her experience has been when she has articulated this view. Comparing the US and UK reactions one must agree with her when she concludes,

"I think the British media should follow suit.(the US) But the problem is that America understands we are at war. Britain does not."


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