>> 5 Oct 2004


Reading Roy Garland's latest epistle in the Irish News, I was struck by the sheer fantastical bitterness of much of what he writes.

For example, " The UUP broke the taboos, took the risks and ploughed difficult furrows while the DUP gingerly followed inexorably in their footprints." Really? Don't you mean the gutless UUP prostrated themselves on the altar of political expediency and moral shame whilst the likes of you cheered them on?

And then there's the classic, "We have lived in the shadow of violence from republicans and stupid intransigence from Paisleyites for too long. With very little thanks due to the DUP, we are slowly emerging on the road to recovery." What bilge. Equating IRA murder and mayhem with DUP "Intransigence" shows how deranged this Vichy thinking actually is.

I have commented before on Mr. Garland's public perch, granted him care of the Irish News, kept up there for him so long as he denigrades and attacks unionists who retain even a scintilla of decency and consistency in their opposition to terrorists in Government.


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