>> 5 Oct 2004


So Ken Bigley is now Irish! Strange but true. It seems that the ever-caring Irish Government accepts that Bigley can claim Irish ancestry through his Dublin-born mother. His family hope that by stressing his Irish connections, his kidnappers will be persuaded to release him.

I hope Bin Laden (or what remains of him) has not observed this cunning plan. Will we shortly hear that the Sheikh himself is partly Irish - O'Sama is surely the giveaway clue? How could we not have noticed? And what his sidekick Mullar Omar ....O'Mar geddit ? Could it be he too has a connection with the Emerald Isle? The quaint idea that that everyone loves the Irish is being indulged here by political opportunists and embraced by a desperate Bigley clan. (Mmmm..wrong choice of word there maybe) If anyone seriously thinks that Zarqawi "loves the Irish" they are wrong. But I'll tell you what he does love - publicity and murdering people. You don't bargain with such scum - you kill them.


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