>> 24 Oct 2004

Britannia RIP

New Labour has already done much to destroy the essential British character of this country by permitting unchecked immigration and asylum. Now, Home Secretary, David Blunkett, is due to travel to Luxembourg to sign up to a qualified majority voting system for immigration policy. Put another way, Blunkett is about to consign a fundamental tenet of a state's sovereignty - the ability to patrol its own borders - to the dustbin of history. Hereafter immigration and asylum policy will be decided in essence by individuals over which the UK electorate has now powers of removal.

In order to mollify potential public disquiet, Blunkett and his fellow socialist Janus-faced pillocks will be at pains to tell us that certain aspects of the policy will remain subject to a British veto. I, for one, have grave doubts. Unlike the opt-out from the single currency agreed by Major as Maastricht, the Blair junta did not specifically request a veto on this policy when its was originally proposed as part of the Amsterdam Treaty. Thus, it will be extremely difficult to go against the EU tide if national and European interests clash in the future.

Blame for this fiasco has to go to the British Labour Party. Once again, Blair's crazy fantasies about the 'European project' have set the seal on the gradual erosion of the UK as an identifiable nation-state. In the field of immigration, it is an erosion which could precipitate dangerous civil unrest.


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