>> 24 Oct 2004


So what lies are the BBC pushing this week?

Well, listening to Radio 4's "Today" programme this morning we discover that:-

1. Bill Clinton's intervention on behalf of Jean Francois "may" swing the election for Kerry. In a barely disguised paean of praise for the most debased ever US President, the BBC are putting all their hopes on Bubba Bill. In another wonderful moment of self-delusion, they claim Bush/Kerry are running neck and neck in all the national polls. In fact, Bush has shown a clear lead in all the national polls but the BBC would prefer to ignore that since it doesn't help their man Kerry.

2. The absolutely craven decision of the British Government to surrender its veto over Asylum and Immigration matters is being presented as a wise and tactical bit of "tidying up" - just like losing our national sovereignty.

3. The slaughter of 50 Iraqis by terrorists is presented as further evidence that the whole Iraqi situation is a quagmire from which we need to withdraw. Just like the terrorists want.

All in all, it's a lovely start to the week for liberals. Pathetic.


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