>> 22 Oct 2004


Suzanne Breen has her take on what a future Executive would look like in the event of the DUP and Sinn Fein/IRA doing a deal. Suzanne is always worth a read - but the bit that disturbs me in this article is the blithe acceptance that a self-confessed IRA terrorist in the form of Martin McGuinness could be Deputy First Minister. It was bad enough that he became Education Minister first time round. Now McGuinness is aimed at the position of DFM - a gross insult to the victims of IRA terrorism. For this reason alone, the DUP should NOT agree to any deal with Sinn Fein that would allow such a horror to come about. Only when the IRA have disarmed (publicly) and disbanded (conclusively) and when the guilty have been brought to book for their evil crimes can any DEAL be finally brokered. To do so now would be morally wrong. However, since when did morality concern our politicians?


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