>> 19 Oct 2004

Gambling with Madness

Do members of this lousy New Labour government suffer from frequent bouts of mental weakness? I have to ask because, after years of informed experts telling us how gambling addiction is one of the most potent menaces of modern-day society, this crew are preparing us for the biggest relaxation in gambling laws ever seen in this country. Towns and cities across the United Kingdom will play host to huge new casinos: concrete and glass monstrosities bedecked in dazzling lights enticing weak-willed idiots to throw away money they simply haven't got.

Programme after programme has been committed to demonstrating just how destructive an addiction to gambling can be. Nevertheless, New Labour cronies carry on with their plans regardless of the well-known consequences. It has to be something in the water they drink. For years we have been cursed by the horrible spectre of drunken louts vomiting in unison up and down our thoroughfares. To remedy the problem New Labour proposed liberalising the licensing laws. Usage of cannabis increases exponentially; New Labour downgrades its legal classification and, ergo, penalties for intoxication.

Are there any social taboos or graces not considered worthy of 'change for the want of change'? I'm vexed at what could be next in line for liberalisation or legalisation when we are governed by amoral fools for whom anything goes. Buggering chickens, perhaps? Compulsory urinating in the street? Involuntary euthanasia!? I dread to think. Still, so long as the rights of the humble fox are afforded maximum priority, everything else is trivial by comparison. What say you?


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