>> 19 Oct 2004


I don't always agree with what she says but she does say it with such style. I refer to the rather stunning Ilana Mercer. I always enjoy reading her point of view and found this take on Teresa Heinz Kerry to be a good read;

"Much has been made of Heinz Kerry's facility with five languages. English is clearly not one of them. "I don't give a shit, you know," she snarled when asked whether she would finally adopt her husband's surname. (Heinz Kerry has since also told a reporter to "shove it.") In another foaming display of bad breeding (commentators call it being "authentic" and "outspoken"), Heinz Kerry contended that her husband (he denies it) suffers from battlefield flashbacks. "Down, down, down!" she savagely shrieked, imitating Kerry's alleged night terrors. (Could they be triggered by the succubus that shares his bed?)"

Read the rest here.


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