>> 19 Oct 2004

A Survey for the Good

Jane Suiter, highlighting the findings of a recent study, informs us that more Fianna Fail voters switched to Fine Gael in the Republic's last set of local elections than they did to Sinn Fein/IRA. It was assumed Fianna Fail voters turned in droves to endorse the au courant Nazi Party in order to show their disdain at the policies of the incumbent coalition. In an apparent blow to Sinn Fein's hopes of hoovering up huge numbers of disenchanted 'moderate' nationalists (an oxymoron if ever there was one!), Suiter's report indicates 16% of Fianna Fail voters switched to Enda Kenny's crowd last June. By contrast, only 9% decided to hold their breath, bury their decency and mark a Brownshirt candidate with a shaky 'X' on the ballot paper.

It cannot be denied that, for the moment, Sinn Fein/IRA are experiencing some reasonable electoral fortunes in the Irish Republic. Pundits attempt to con us with excuses ranging from Sinn Fein's 'attractive peace process profile' to an imagined amnesia among young voters about the IRA's murder sprees as to why Adams and his henchmen enjoy a favourable reception amongst some pitiable Southern fruitcakes. I hold to the view that people who vote for mass murderers are nothing other than the lowest of the low. Thankfully, if Suiter's findings are accurate, there might be far fewer of them south of the border than some of us first thought. Here's to hoping!


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