>> 4 Oct 2004


I enjoyed reading this article by Henry McDonald in the Observer. He blows a hole in the outrageous conceit trailed across the media last week that Ireland, somehow, is a world player in political power play!

"Throughout last week, there were constant references on Irish radio and television to the two female prisoners the Islamist kidnappers want freed in return for Bigley. These 'ladies' actually happen to be two scientists who were crucial in building up the Baath dictatorship's chemical arsenal, some of which was used to gas thousands of Iranians and Kurds. If Higgins believes that the 'two female prisoners' (aka 'the chemical war criminals') should be released, then perhaps he ought first to take a trip to northern Iraq, specifically to Halabja in free Kurdistan. The Labour TD might care to explain to the survivors of the chemical attack that killed more than 5,000 men, women, children and babies why the women behind Saddam's chemical warfare programme ought to walk free without trial. "


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