>> 4 Oct 2004


Thank god for our politically correct human rights caring culture. This story relates the tale of a headteacher who has bought safety goggles for his pupils to wear when they play conkers in the playground.

Shaun Halfpenny, of Cummersdale Primary School, in Carlisle, says he took the step to ensure pupils can carry on playing the traditional game. He invested in six pairs of industrial safety goggles and now pupils queue up at breaks to take turns to use them.

It seems this intrepid Headmaster was so desperately concerned about pupils blinding themselves through over-rigorous playing of conkers, that he felt such a bold initiative was required.

And there was me thinking that a more harmless game for kids to play than conkers would be hard to imagine. But Mr. Halfwit was quick to realise the peril. What next - the menace of Marbles????


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