>> 26 Oct 2004

Kerry and the Plastic Paddies

Isn't John Kerry's campaign supported by some really unpleasant groupings? This week alone we have witnessed endorsements from the media in China and Iran, the pusillanimous Spanish government and the PLO. To add to this horrible spectacle, dear old JFK has now received backing from Bubba Bill 'I'd go to bed with a frog if it had the ability to put on a tutu' Clinton.

The latest addition to this showboat of schlemiels comes courtesy of a US-based organisation called Northern Ireland Alert. It champions Kerry's campaign because it claims Bush has somehow neglected the opportunity to be sufficiently proactive in Ulster matters. In plastic paddy-speak, it means Bush has not been as disgustingly partisan as Bubba Bill was in promoting a republican agenda at every juncture, in addition to lavishing known terrorists with gut-wrenching respectability.

Members of the above group will doubtless be the type who like to rattle tins for Provo fundraising in Irish theme bars, who championed Joe Kennedy Jr when he verbally abused a soldier during a visit to Belfast in 1987, and who blindly refuse to strike an analogy between their Hibernian heroes and the monsters who destroyed the World Trade Center three years ago. Mind you, with Kerry seeking to lay the blame at the feet of the DUP in order to woo the most abhorrent personages in the Irish American community, what can one expect?


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