>> 26 Oct 2004

A Judgement of Wisdom

It's such a nice change to have some good news to report. Judge Andrew Hamilton has to be wholeheartedly congratulated for defending Kenneth Faulkner after the latter fired on a house burglar Judge Hamilton subsequently described as 'an absolute menace'.

I'm sure most people reading this will have been victims of crime in recent times. After all, whatever this lying government says, crime in this country has never been so pervasive. If it's not burglaries, it's car crime, vandalism, abuse and harassment, to name but a few. What's more, there always seems to be an army of 'do-gooders' ready and willing to defend the recidivous little cherubs to the hilt.

Last year, my car was targeted four times. On the last occasion, I left work fairly late - around 18:00 - emerging to see a spotty adolescent running a screwdriver the length of my vehicle's bodywork. Overcome by a towering rage at the sight before me, I gave chase. I caught up with him in an alleyway and promptly re-moulded his nose into a shape resembling that of Ernest Borgnine's. When I was later asked by a colleague why I had resorted to such actions, I replied that I was absolutely sick and tired of seeing criminals escaping scot-free due to an overstretched, bureaucratically-encumbered police force; a namby-pamby judicial system; and a society too prone to allowing criminals to avoid the punitive consequences of their crimes. Fortunately, I myself did not find have to account for my actions to the local constabulary.

We have a basic truism: cause and effect. If John Rae (the burglar in question) had not tried to break into Mr Faulkner's home, he wouldn't have been shot. Period!! In the United States, it remains a fundamental principle of liberty to permit homeowners to defend their property by the use of guns if necessary. In politically-correct Britain, powers-that-be seem to be more solicitous to the 'rights' of the perpetrators rather than their victims. Let's raise a glass to Judge Hamilton for having the courage to break this appalling cycle - if only temporarily.


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