>> 28 Oct 2004


Dateline: Berlin. 1st May 1945.

Emerging from his bunker, the great Leader looked unwell, gaunt some dared to say. His Doctors moved to reassure his supporters, "The Leader is unwell, this is true, but nothing too serious. We are still conducting investigations, it may be some time before we can be sure of what is wrong it is minor. But you must understand who is responsible for his sickness - it is the Allies. Their random bombing campaign has forced the Leader to live in a small room, with little light, not enough medical supplies, and no opportunity for exercise."

The BBC understands that the Leader will be flown to Paris - a capital city with which he has a special attachment. (and not a few battalions) It will be hard to imagine what Europe would look like if the Leader was gone. He has done so much for his people - restored their pride, and fought for their political dreams of a homeland. Whilst Jews may celebrate (those left alive, that is) sophisticated Europeans are praying the Leader survives his ordeal. The lights are going out across Europe.........


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