>> 29 Oct 2004


Did you see the BBC "Question Time" programme from Miami? What did you think?

I was most impressed by the audience and in particular the many intelligent coherent contributions from the Republicans present. I also thought the panel was good - and even wacko Michael Moore amused me - though not in the way I think he would have wanted. Leaving aside the specific politics, I really liked the PASSION of the audience. They were not prepared to swallow every propagandist point made by whomever on the panel, they cheered and the jeered - quite a contrast from the dull lefty hordes that make up QT UK audiences.

I now know how Richard Littlejohn is - and thought him quite good. David Frum was also articulate though perhaps he tried to be overtly conciliatory in front of a divided audience. Sidney Blumenthal was an oily creep - you can see what Clinton saw in him. Moore was a bumbling oaf - a self-hater, and as we all know, a fantasist. That said, I thought he was polite enough and for that he gets my respect.

An interesting programme!


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