>> 5 Oct 2004


You do have to laugh at the left wing media's crowing over John Kerry's imagined masterful performance in the first TV debate with W. I think Mark Goldblatt over at NRO catches the right mood in this article....

"Steve Martin used to have a routine in which he pretended to be a slick television pitchman, striding back and forth across the stage, calling out, "You can make a million dollars and pay no taxes! That's right, you can make a million dollars and pay no taxes!" After several times, he finally looked straight into the camera and described his two-step plan: "First, get a million dollars. Got it? Okay, good. Now..."

The Martin plan is a fair approximation of John Kerry's two-step solution for winning the war in Iraq: First, bring our traditional allies fully on board; and second, replace American troops with international troops to fight the insurgency and keep the peace."


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